March 26, 2014
Judging Panel for GMDSP Coding Challenge Announced

We are pleased to announce the judging panel for the Coding Challenge

The heavyweight judging panel has a wealth of experience with open data and innovation both nationally and internationally.

Maurizio Pilu – Partnerships Director, Connected Digital Economy Catapult
Maurizio is a technologist, innovator and strategist with over 20 year experience in the digital sector. He worked for 10 years in a corporate R&D environment at Hewlett Packard Laboratories as senior scientist where he led a number of advanced R&D projects in multimedia and imaging. He then spent 2 years as associate director in a private equity firm specialized early-stage funding and of high-technology start-up companies. In the last 4 years he worked at the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, where he led on a number of strategic initiatives and multi-million pound investments.

Sander van der Waal – Projects Director, Open Knowledge Foundation
Sander van der Waal is Head of the Projects unit at the Open Knowledge Foundation. Overseeing many of the grant funded projects the Open Knowledge Foundation is involved with, Sander ensures any funded project will benefit maximally from cross-fertilization with other related initiatives across the wider Open Knowledge Foundation community, both nationally and internationally. Sander has a strong background in the open source world, having advised academic projects on open source software development at OSS Watch, based at the University of Oxford. He is a committer and contributor to the Apache Software Foundation and co-organised several big and smaller open source events.

Katalin Gallyas – Open Innovation Policy Advisor, City of Amsterdam
Katalin Gallyas is policy advisor at the City Council of Amsterdam specialized on open innovation. She has been involved in Open Data projects of the city, such as Apps for Amsterdam and in EU projects management on open innovation field. She is project leader of Open Cities project in which crowdsourcing and open data in the city gains a huge role from the perspective of city governance. In this project there is a strong collaboration with Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and Amsterdam.

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