November 30, 2013
Call for Proposals for GMDSP Quad Store

FutureEverything in partnership with the Connected Digital Economy and Future Cities Catapults would like to procure a linked data system for the Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme (GMDSP).


GMDSP is an ambitious project that seeks to enable the release of synchronised datasets from Greater Manchester local authorities. The programme seeks to enable the identification, standardisation and programmatic release of linked open data that can that will have impact across Greater Manchester.


We are looking to commission a supplier to create, host and maintain a linked data system that will be able to host a variety of data from Greater Manchester’s local authorities. The commissioned company will be required to supply tools that enable the conversion of data to linked data using standardised data models.


The budget for this work is up to £18,000 + VAT.  Suppliers are invited to describe what they can provide within this budget and the bids will be evaluated on a value for money basis.


The linked data system should include as a minimum:

  • a quad store

  • a SPARQL endpoint, supporting SPARQL 1.1

  • dereferencing of URIs in multiple formats (including HTML, RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples, JSON-LD)

  • a mechanism for authorised users in multiple organisations to load, update and delete data


In addition, the following requirements are highly desirable:

  • a web user interface to navigate and browse the data

  • a way to organise data into datasets

  • the ability to add and edit machine-readable and human-readable metadata to datasets. This should make it possible for dataset owners to provide the information necessary for obtaining an ODI Certificate for a dataset.

  • the ability to download entire datasets as RDF

  • the ability to gather analytics information on the use of the data


Additional user interface features that would make it easy for users to discover, explore and make use of the data would be viewed favourably.


The data conversion tools should have the following features and properties:

  • represent data using best practice or standard ontologies, such as RDF Data Cube, Smart City Concept Model (in development by the BSI)

  • be configurable/adaptable to work with a variety of input formats, including CSV, Excel, Shapefile and XML

  • it should be possible for local authority staff who are not linked data experts to run the tools, possibly after configuration or customisation by the supplier

  • within the quoted price, the supplier should provide data transformation tools for approximately 6 different types of dataset


The supplier must provide hosting and maintenance of the linked data system for a minimum period of a year and it is hoped that it will eventually become the de facto quad store for all of Greater Manchester.


We will also require the winning company to participate in an induction workshop and provide support for programme participants


Please describe the pricing model that would be applied if hosting and maintenance were extended beyond the end of the project.


All responses should be sent by email to:

Julian Tait


More information on the project can be found here:


Deadline for submission of proposals: 5pm Monday 23rd December 2013

Notification of winning proposal: Week beginning 6th January 2014

Implementation of quad store: Friday 31st January 2014

Development of tools: timetable to be agreed.


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