October 16, 2013
Here Come the Code Fellows

We are blessed with a large community of civic-minded coders and developers in the North-west and GMDSP hopes to tap into this rich resource.

Manchester – especially in places like MadLab and Tech Hub – has many vibrant tech communities that openly share knowledge and practice. From hardware hacking to Python, from free software to open data

It is from these diverse communities that GMDSP seeks to recruit the Code Fellows that are essential for GMDSP to run. Code Fellow roles aren’t the best paid roles in the tech world, but what they don’t pay in money, they pay in experience and the chance to be involved in a truly groundbreaking programme.

Code Fellow programmes have become increasingly popular in the United States through organisations such as Code for America. They place civic-minded coders and developers into government to provide capacity to deal with particular challenges, such as building a city’s website or creating applications so that services can be accessed more efficiently. Although local government in USA is different to that in the UK, Code Fellowships offer a fantastic opportunity to bring new skills and capacity into local authorities that aren’t based on consultants and expensive sub-contractors.

The roles require technical ability matched with diplomacy and people skills. The Code Fellows for GMDSP will be required to work with host organisations, to understand how and why data is kept a certain way, to model, transform and link data, to ask questions and share practice not only with hosts but with the wider GMDSP and developer community.

Please check back for when Code Fellow opportunities become available

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